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Discovery Apple 

Discovery Apple


Taste Sharp and juicy

Skin Texture Medium

Flesh Crisp - oh so crisp!

Apple size Medium


Flowers Middle season

Vigour Medium

Crop Yield Medium

Eating time August to September

Tree Shape Upright and compact

Discovery - one of the earliest apple trees to fruit

A good choice if you like your apples on the crisp and tasty, slightly acidic side. 

Discovery has the huge advantage of producing apples very early in the season. This means you can begin eating these apples in August. Commercial growers in the UK rely almost entirely on the apple variety Discovery to start the UK apple season.

Easy to maintain, and good resistance to disease. One of the great British apples. Originated in Essex, UK in 1949. Once picked it doesn't keep for long, maybe a week at the most. It is a great apple for making apple juice.

If you want to buy Discovery online from GardenAction's recommended supplier (Victoriana Nursery Gardens) with a special GardenAction 10% discount then click here (discount given at checkout). The tree is supplied on M26 rootstock which will grow to an eventual size of about 3 metres (10 foot). Pruning each year can keep them to a height of about two metres (six to seven foot).

Name: george bampton
Date posted: October 07, 2010 - 07:13 am
Message: I have a Spartan tree which I am keeping and a Discovery which I am getting rid of because wasps will not leave alone. What other tree or trees would be suitable for me? Thanks. George.