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Ellison's Orange Apple Tree

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Ellison's Orange Apple Tree

One parent of Ellison's Orange apple tree is Cox's Orange Pippin, and the flavour certainly comes through. Sweet but acidic with lots of crunchy, juicy white apple flesh. The apple tree was first introduced around 1904 from Lincoln. If stored for a week or more, Ellison's Orange develops a very slight aniseed flavour but it is barely noticeable.

In September, when the apples are first ready, the skin is red, just as a Cox's. But leave it on the tree for a week or two more and the skin turns an autumnal orange colour.

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The apples are not so good for keeping although off the tree they will last for ten days or so. As well as eating apples they make excellent apple juice.

Aside from their excellent taste and appearance they are also excellent for growing in cooler parts of the country and in frost pockets. This is because the pollination group is 4, so Ellison's Orange flowers later than many apple trees. Combine this with a relatively early fruiting time and you have a unique apple tree variety.


Taste Sweet and juicy. A slight aniseed taste develops if not eaten immediately.

Skin Texture Medium thick

Flesh White and crisp

Apple size Average


Flower period Middle season

Pollination Group 4 (partially self fertile)

Vigour Reasonably strong

Crop Yield Medium

Eating time September to October

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