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Fiesta Desert Apple

Fiesta is a cross between Cox's Orange Pippin and Idared, introduced in 1972, from Kent in England. Bred by the East Malling Research Station, they have attempted to get the taste of the Cox but with good disease resistance. We can assure you that they have succeeded!
The Cox taste is clearly there and they are great trees for the amateur. Good crops from a tree that suffers from very few pests and disease.

GardenAction recommend this variety wholeheartedly both for the experienced and inexperienced gardener. The apples themselves are an attractive mix of red and orange / green, they look exactly how a good apple should.

Fiesta tastes sweet with a nice amount of acidity. It's one of the crispest apples around with the flesh being pure white and very juicy. Stored correctly, it will keep for a month or two retaining much of its crispness.

It flowers slightly later in the year than many other apple varieties, making it a good choice for both cooler and slightly warmer areas. The tree produces lots of medium to large sized apples. If you like apples on the large size then thin Fiesta apples as they form and you can end up with fewer but much larger apples.

We can testify to their disease resistance first hand. Our tree on the allotment was surrounded by neighbours' trees which suffered from scab and mildew. But our Fiesta tree grew strongly throughout the year completely unaffected, to produce excellent apples.

Picture of apple variety Fiesta

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Taste Sweet and very juicy 

Skin Texture Medium

Flesh Pure white and crisp

Apple size Medium


Flowers Middle to late season

Pollination Group 3

Vigour Reasonably vigorous

Crop Yield High

Eating time October to January

Tree Shape Upright