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Grenadier Apple 

Grenadier Apple

The cooking apple variety Grenadier is no longer sold in supermarkets because it does not keep as long as a Bramley. But grow this apple tree in your garden and the problem disappears. What's more, it crops extremely early from mid-August for around eight weeks.

The tree itself is compact and easily kept to the correct shape and size for your garden. At the same time Grenadier produces a very good crop of cooking apples.

When cooked, the apples reduce to a puree making them an excellent choice for apple pies and crumbles. The cooked apple freezes very well.

This is an old variety (1862, Buckinghamshire) which has very good disease resistance.

Grenadier is a partially self-fertile variety which benefits from having apple trees of pollination groups 2, 3 or 4 nearby. Ignore the ribbed and rather lumpy appearance, this is a superb cooking apple.

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Picture of apple variety Grenadier


Taste Acid and juicy

Skin Texture Quite tough

Flesh Crisp and pure white coloured

Apple size Average


Flower period Middle season

Pollination Group 3

Vigour On the weak side

Crop Yield High

Eating time August to September