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Howgate Wonder Cooking Apple


Taste Juicy, either a sweet cooking apple or an acidic desert apple!

Skin Texture Quite tough

Flesh Crisp and white

Apple size Largest of all the cooking apples. Exhibition size.


Flower period Middle to late season

Pollination Group 4

Vigour Average

Crop Yield Good

Eating time November to March


Howgate Wonder has several excellent features for a cooking apple. First, when cooked, this variety of apple retains its shape unlike the supermarket varieties of cooking apples. Its a matter of preference, some prefer apples such as Bramley which cooks to a puree. Others prefer apples which retain some of their shape and texture when cooked. Certainly for apple tarts and similar dishes, retention of shape is important.

Next, Howgate Wonder keeps extremely well. It will easily last into early spring.

The apples themselves have a traditional green and red colouring. They are one of the largest, if not the largest, of all apples and for this reason are often used for exhibition at shows.

They produce their flowers slightly later in the season compared to many apple varieties which makes them good for cooler areas. They were first introduced in 1915, Isle of Wight. Its parents are Newton wonder and Blenheim Orange.

Howgate Wonder is available from our recommended suppliers online as a bare rooted tree (out of season as a pot tree) on MM106 rootstock. Click here for more information.