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Jonagold Desert Apple

Jonagold is a cross between the two varieties, Jonathan and Golden Delicious. Introduced in 1943, it is from the USA.

The Jonagold variety often puzzles gardeners because it is hugely available in the shops but not often grown by the amateur gardener. Its scarcity in the garden is because it is a self-sterile triploid variety and requires two other different apple trees for pollination.

But if you live in a populated area, pollination is unlikely to be a problem. Bees are very mobile!

The popularity in the shops is due to two factors. First, Jonagold flourishes in both warm and cooler climates. It is widely cultivated throughout the world and then imported into areas where it can be sold. The second reason, equally good for shops and the amateur gardener, is that Jonagold keeps extremely well. It starts cropping in mid-November and stored apples will keep until March.

The flesh is crisp and white with a sweet, very slightly acidic flavour. The skin is particularly attractive with a deep red colour with splashes of green and orange. Jonagold is a reasonably strong growing apple tree with few pest and disease problem. In our opinion it's a definite winner for the gardener new to apple trees. To buy the Jonagold apple tree online now from our recommended suppliers, click here.

Picture of apple variety Jonagold


Taste Sweet and very juicy,  an equal to Cox's Orange

Skin Texture Quite tough

Flesh Crisp and creamy coloured

Apple size Largest of all


Flowers Middle season

Vigour Medium

Crop Yield High

Eating time November to March

Tree Shape Spreading