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Lane's Prince Albert Cooking Apple

There is a story behind Lane's Prince Albert which is likely to be true. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert changed coaches in Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, UK at the very moment when a Mr Squire was planting a seedling apple in his garden. Quite rightly, Mr Squire named his new apple tree Victoria and Albert. A year or two later however, a certain Mr lane began to grow the trees for commercial sale.

Mr Lane then took it on himself to rename the apple trees as Lane's Prince Albert.

The tree definitely originated from Hertfordshire, England in 1841. This is an old-fashioned cooking apple tree variety which has lots going for it. It produces fruit from November to early January and they keep for two months after that. The apples are primarily for cooking and great for recipes which require an apple that keeps its shape. Although no longer grown commercially as a cooking apple, Lane's Prince Albert is still grown in the UK for cider making.

Lane's Prince Albert apples picked around Christmas time will have ripened sufficiently to be used as eating apples. It is resistant scab and good for growing in cooler areas. You can buy this apple tree from our recommended online supplier by clicking here.

Lane Prince Albert apple


Taste Acidic

Skin Texture Medium to tough, smooth

Flesh Crisp, retains shape when cooked

Apple size Average



Vigour Vigorous

Crop Yield Above average

Eating time November to March

Tree Shape Spreading

Pollination Group 3

Name: molly haines lane
E-mail: Private
Date posted: October 10, 2010 - 05:39 pm
Message: this apple was made by my great great great grandad. i just found this out while i was doing my homework.... and my nan was telling me the story which i just looked up.