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Winston Desert Apple

A good late variety apple tree, the fruits from Winston are first ready for eating in early December. It keeps extremely well, one of the best. The apples will still be in good condition through to April.

The parents are Cox's Orange Pippin and Worcester Permain. The taste characteristics of the Cox are definitely there without the disease problems. This is an excellent apple tree variety.

Winston dates back to 1900 when it was first called Winter King. It was renamed Winston in 1944, possibly after Winston Churchill. If picked in December the taste is slightly tart. But give the apple a few weeks to mature and the sweetness of the Cox parentage quickly becomes predominant.

Winston is one the few apple trees which is self fertile.

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Taste Slightly acidic but matures nicely to sweet. Aromatic.

Skin Texture Medium

Flesh Creamy white

Apple size Medium


Flowers Late

Pollination Group 4

Vigour Reasonably vigorous

Crop Yield High

Eating time December through to April

Tree Shape Upright then spreading