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Christmas Shopping

Christmas at Bridgemere Garden World
Bridgemere is the largest garden centre in England so you can be assured that there is plenty of parking.

Because of its reputation it draws large crowds at Christmas time for shopping and can get crowded at times, especially at weekends.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees at Bridgemere

The is a wide range of Christmas trees for sale, both real and synthetic. The range of quality for the synthetic trees is very wide. We saw a 6ft synthetic Christmas tree on offer for �19.99. We also saw one for over �200.
The real trees were good quality, well priced and they were clearly labelled as totype.

Christmas Tree Decorations

There is a large sales area devoted to Christmas goods but not as large as we expected from the largest garden centre in England.

Having said that, decorations and gifts of all sorts were stocked and you'll find what you want for Christmas at Bridgemere.

Father Christmas For Kids

Santa's grotto was closed when we visited but the outside looked attractive. We took a quick peek inside and it looked good. the cost is �5 per child.

Click here for a picture of opening times for Father Christmas but do check by ringing first. Their number is 01270 521100.

Christmas Spirit and Feel

Christmas display at Bridgemere. The Christmas sales area at Bridgemere was distinctly uninspiring. Definitely below the standard of several other smaller garden centres. It was too open plan for our liking, not enough effort had been expended to make it inspiring.

Our verdict is "could do better".

Christmas House Plants

There were lots of seasonal house plants for sale and they were of good quality and price. Similar to the main sales area, there was very little inspiration in their layout.

Christmas Prices

Prices were slightly below average for Christmas goods as the ratings below show.

Our Christmas price guide below uses a star system, the more stars the better the value.

One star shows prices give extremely bad value for money.

Five stars show prices give extremely good value for money.

Synthetic Christmas trees ???????

Christmas decorations / wrapping ???????

A visit to Father Christmas ???????

House Plants ???????

Overall ???????

The goods are there to attract the shoppers and the prices are on the good side. Missing was the element of Christmas feel and inspiration.