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Eden Project Humid Tropics Biome

Eden Project Humid Tropics Biome

Humid Tropics Biome at the Eden Project If you click on the picture to the left it will expand and in the middle of the picture you will get some idea of the size of the biomes at the Eden Project.

See how small the people are compared to the largest greenhouse in the world!

  Another way to look at it is to realise that the Tower of London could fit into the Humid Tropics Biome with room to spare.

The dimensions of the biome are 50m high, 240m long and 110m wide. That gives a ground coverage of just over 26,000 sqm.

The dome shape results in an extremely strong structure which needs no internal support.

Useful Information Before Entering
The Humid Tropics Biome is designed to mimic conditions in the hot and wet tropical areas. So not surprisingly it's warm and very humid. During the day the humidity is set 60% (at night it's 90%) and it's the humidity that can get to some people!

Take a bottle of water or soft drink in with you, you'll drink more than that in the hour or so that it takes to appreciate just some of what the Humid Tropic biome contains.

There are water fountains at several places along the paths so once you have finished your soft drink, top up the bottle as you go through. Halfway up the path when the humidity is almost unbearable there is a cool room for emergencies. Some people, like me, can be affected by the humidity and heat. If it is getting to you, spend a few minutes in this ice cold room to settle down.

If things get really bad, very unusual, then there is an emergency exit on the way up as well. Wear sensible clothing, the less the better. Go slow as well, that way you will be able to appreciate much more without boiling over.

Inside The Humid Tropics Biome at Eden Project
There is a main path through this biome which leads you very near to the top and then leads you back down again. Along the way there are lots of diversionary paths leading you off the main track and back onto it.

View up the waterfall One of the star features is a real waterfall running down the biome.

You can hear the sound of it over rocks as you get about a third of the way up. Click either picture to enlarge it and see more closely View down the waterfall

Animal explanation In order to keep down the level of bugs in a natural way, various small animals have been introduced such as lizards, geckos and preying mantis. You will see a few of them as you go through. None are dangerous.

A few British robins have also managed to enter the Humid Tropics biome! Robin in the humid tropics biome