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Hilltop Garden Centre Christmas Shopping  

Hilltop Garden Centre
Christmas Shopping

Christmas at Hilltop Garden Centre
There were a good number of people doing their Christmas shopping at the Hilltop garden centre when we visited.
Even so, there was plenty of space in the car park and the shopping area did not feel crowded.

Christmas Trees

Lining the entrance to the garden centre is a large range of Christmas trees. Lots of different sizes and types. All the trees looked health and capable of withstanding the dry warmth of a house.~
Inside there was a great selection of synthetic trees. You are spoilt for choice here.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Hilltop have devoted a large are of the internal sales area to Christmas decorations and gifts. Everything you'll need for Christmas is here. Decorations, gifts, the lot!

Father Christmas For Kids

Kids are taken care of at hilltop well. the interior has several display, one particularly good animated one which will fascinate the kids.
Santa's grotto is here as well, opening on Saturdays and Sundays. the price is a very reasonable �4 which includes a toy.

Christmas Spirit and Feel

Hilltop Garden Centre have arranged a great display Christmas goodies and done it very well. lots of effort has clearly gone into this a very attractive Christmas shopping destination.
Top marks for a great Christmas Spirit and Feel which has been achieved without making you feel that they gone over the top. Lots of festive nooks and crannies make exploring the sales are a good experience.

Christmas House Plants

There was a good range of seasonal plants available for Christmas. The plants were in good condition and well-watered.

Christmas Prices

Judging the prices of Christmas goods is difficult because the range of goods on offer differs widely between garden centres. So our opinion is purely subjective. but after looking round several garden centres, we think our opinion is informed.

Our Christmas price guide below uses a star system, the more stars the better the value.

One star shows prices give extremely bad value for money.

Five stars show prices give extremely good value for money.

Synthetic Christmas trees

Christmas decorations / wrapping

A visit to Father Christmas

House Plants


We highly recommend a visit to Hilltop for Christmas shopping, you will not be disappointed. The prices are very competitive. Combine it with a visit to the new cafe and you have a good afternoon out.