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Hilltop Garden Centre, Coventry

Entrance to Hilltop garden centre
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Hilltop garden centre is situated to the South East of Coventry in near Ryton on Dunsmore. Is it worth you visiting it? Read on to find out.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Hilltop garden centre in Coventry.

Hilltop garden centre was started around 25 years ago and remains under the control of the same family. Over the years it has been built into a medium sized garden centre which is very popular amongst the locals.


Hanging baskets Some of the plants area is under cover and some not covered. There was a good range of bedding plants and shrubs. At the time of our visit there were lots of very attractive and healthy looking hanging baskets.

All the plants looked healthy, in the correct pot sizes and were well-watered.

The garden centre is set in attractive gardens at the rear.

Hilltop garden centre stock a good range of fruit trees and other ornamental trees, more than many garden centres of this size. Click the picture on the right to see the two long lines of trees for sale. All looked in good condition,

Trees for sale

There were no overhead signs in the plant area to help you specific plants. However the shrubs were in alphabetic order which was good. It would have been nice to see some grouping by shade or sun etc. but overall finding specific plants was not a hard task. The plant specific information was good. Click the picture on the left for an example

Overall the prices at Hilltop are average for a medium sized garden centre as our shopping basket below shows.

Rose �5.99

Common shrub (e.g. potentilla) �4.99

Clematis �6.99 to �9.99

Potted fruit tree (various rootstocks) �29.99

Growmore, branded, 3.5kg �3.99

Growmore, branded, 1.5kg �2.99

Miracle Gro, soluble plant food, 1kg �3.99

Evergreen Lawn Builder 100 sq m �8.99



Name: helen
Date posted: September 09, 2011 - 10:15 am
Message: Please could you tell me how much bark chipings are, and how big the bags. thanks