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Hollybush Garden Centre, Wolverhampton

Hollybush Garden Centre, Wolverhampton

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The Hollybush Garden Centre is large, stocks a wide range of plants and has a comprehensive aquatics centre. Read on to find out if it is worth a visit.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Hollybush Garden Centre in Wolverhampton. Click any picture to enlarge it.


The range of plants for sale at Hollybush is unusually wide and varied. Some examples of the more unusual plants for sale are shown to the right and below.

The left hand picture below is of a fully grown olive tree which was for sale at �2,999.99! Too expensive for most us I know but it just illustrates the variety of the plants for sale.

Monkey Tree

In particular, there was a wide range of clematis, roses, conifers and ornamental trees. The signs around the outdoor plant area were generally good and the plants were arranged alphabetically. In some cases though, hebes for instance, the plants were not where you would expect from the signs.

The outdoor area had a large covered section and many of the walkways were also covered. So, if it's raining when you want a plant, Hollybush is a good garden centre to visit.

The aisles were wide and free of obstructions, especially good for wheelchair users.


We looked for a hardy plant guarantee but found none advertised. This is a bit disappointing for such a large garden centre. The plants though looked in excellent condition, well cared for and watered.

Those that didn't quite come up to the normal high quality were in a bargain corner for sale at �1! This truly was a bargain because although the bargain plants were not perfect, they would soon recover in a garden setting

If you are looking to buy a shed, conservatory or greenhouse then Hollybush stock a good range. They are well presented and attractive.

The majority of the prices were well below average. If you are looking for value for money at an attractive garden centre then Hollybush should be very high on your list. A typical shopping basket is shown below.

Rose, 3 litre pot �3.99 upwards

Common shrub (e.g. potentilla, hebe) �6.99

Clematis �5.99 upwards

Runner Bean seeds (4m) �2.35

Multipurpose 100l �2.99 (four for �10)

Fish, Blood and Bone, branded, 3.5kg �2.99

Stainless steel fork not found

Economy spade �9.99 (Spear and Jackson)

Tomorite 1 litre �3.49

Wild bird food 3.6kg not found

Medium cup of coffee in cafe �1.25