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Littlehurst Nurseries, Coventry

Littlehurst Nurseries in Coventry
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The entrance to Littlehurst Nurseries gives you a clue to what's in store. It's well arranged, has good quality plants and more.

Littlehurst Nurseries give you the best of both worlds. Around 70% of the plants are grown on site but at the same time it has all the facilities of a small to medium garden centre. As well as a good range of plants, there are garden tools, patio furniture, plant feeds, all of the items you would expect from a small to medium sized garden centre.

The owner purchased the nurseries five years ago and it is run as a family concern. Previous experience goes back over many years in the wholesale side of gardening, including exhibiting at the NEC Birmingham.

This was one of the best-kept garden centres we have seen and this is also reflected in the layout of the under-cover and open plant sales areas. There was no guarantee on plants, in common with all the other small garden centres we have visited. However, walking round and browsing gives the distinct feeling that the plants are high quality. They definitely looked in peak condition, well-watered and in appropriate pot size.

As well as offering a broad range of popular plants, Littlehurst has specialised to a degree in some particular areas.

One area is alpines. Click the picture to see some of the plants on offer. All of the alpines are grown on site.  Alpines in peak condition.

A good range of small trees The picture on the left (click to enlarge it) show the range of trees on offer at Littlehurst.

They were all well-kept and the varieties on offer were extensive for a garden centre of this size. Also on sale in good numbers were acers (Japanese maples) and roses.


Good signs at Littlehurst Nurseries Although not the size of a large garden centre, there were still plenty of signs to help you locate specific plants.

Plants were also sometimes grouped by growing conditions. The picture on the left shows plants for shade, and growing in shade they were!

The indoor plant sales area is well laid out, very pleasant to walk round and attractive.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of this garden centre. That and the excellent quality of the plants make this a very good garden centre.

The covered plant sales area

The prices of plants and common gardener's needs were average for a garden centre. Example prices are listed below:

Rose, 3 litre pot �4.99

Common shrub (e.g. potentilla) �4.99

Potted fruit tree (various rootstocks) �25.00

Growmore, branded 3.5kg �4.49

Growmore, branded 1.5kg �1.99

Miracle Gro, soluble plant food, 1kg �2.99

On the plants side, the prices were good compared to other garden centres. On the accessories side the prices were average.