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Melbicks, Birmingham
Christmas Shopping

Arriving at Melbicks for Christmas Shopping
Melbicks is a large garden centre and attracts large crowds at Christmas. The car park is level and large and appears to be big enough to support the Christmas rush.

We visited at the end of November and found a space easily. Coaches need to book before arriving.

Christmas Tree Decorations and Gifts

Christmas decorations at Melbicks There was a good range of Christmas decorations and trees on display. The range was extensive and the displays were attractively laid out. You won't be disappointed at Melbicks for Christmas shopping.

Father Christmas For Kids

The entrance fee to Santa's grotto is �5.50 per child, about average. Entrance times are restricted but in general, the grotto is open from mid November onwards. In November, only at weekends. In December the grotto is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Phone 0121 7822683 for specific details.
The entrance to the grotto is particularly uninspiring but once inside it gets better.

Christmas Spirit and Feel

This garden centre has done a good job in arranging the store attractively for Christmas shopping. There are lots of seasonal displays and arrangements around the store which inspire a good deal of Christmas spirit.

Overall a good experience.

Christmas Prices

Prices were about average with few bargains but you are not going to be exorbitantly overcharged,

Our Christmas price guide below uses a star system, the more stars the better the value.

One star shows prices give extremely bad value for money.

Five stars show prices give extremely good value for money.

Synthetic Christmas trees

Christmas decorations / wrapping

A visit to Father Christmas


Price wise for XMAS gifts and goodies, Melbicks is average for a large garden centre. If you are on a tight budget then few of the garden centres will give you a bargain and Melbicks is the same. But the range of gifts, plants and accessories is good and attractively laid out.

It's well worth a visit for an afternoon's Christmas shopping.