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Notcutts Garden Centre, Booker


Notcutts Garden Centre, Booker

Entrnace to Notcutts, Booker
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This Notcutts is a large garden centre in Booker near Marlow. We checked it out to see if it's worth you making a visit to them some time. Read on for more information about what we found.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Notcutts Garden Centre, Booker.


The plant area at Notcutts is large and attractively designed. In keeping with the inside sales area, the outdoor area is not just a boring criss-cross of paths. The different areas are compartmentalised to a certain degree making it a pleasant place to wander round. The paths are wide and flat, sufficiently so for wheel chair access in most areas.
A special mention goes to the helpful, approachable and knowledgeable staff at this garden centre.

Good, clear signs at notcutts. With a large outdoor plant area it's essential to have clear signs so that you can find the plants you want. Notcutts have done a very good job in this respect. The signs are large and high up making them clearly visible.

In addition to good signs, the plant groups are arranged alphabetically.

All the plants you would like for your garden are at Notcutts. In particular the range of roses was extensive.
Fencing, compost and other needs are here also with a huge separate sales area devoted to plant pots.


The prices were about average for this type of garden centre in this area. The "economy spade" though at �17.99 was the cheapest we could find. A bit expensive compared to others. Tell us if you can spot a cheaper spade at Notcutts.

Rose, 3 litre pot �5.99 +

Common shrub (e.g. potentilla, hebe) �7.99

Clematis �9.99

Runner Bean seeds (4m) �2.49 (Thomson and Morgan)

Stainless steel fork �19.99 (Notcutts own brand)

Economy spade �17.99 (Joseph Bentley)

Miracle Gro 1 kg �3.49

Tomorite 1 litre �3.99

Blood, fish and bone (900g) �3.99

A large coffee �1.45