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Podington Garden Centre, Wellingborough

Podington Garden Centre,

Roundtrees Garden Centre entrance
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Podington Garden Centre is a family run garden centre which offers a friendly atmosphere not found in many of the larger chain garden centres. This is a large garden centre which will supply all your plants and gardening needs.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Podington Garden Centre in Podington, Wellingborough.


As the sign declares in the outside plant area "A Plant Person's Paradise". And it's true, there is a very large range of plants, shrubs and trees.

They were all well cared for and well-watered. They stock all the well know varieties and some not so well-known and interesting ones.

Roses The stock of plants is wide-ranging but they also managed to specialise in a couple of areas. There was a vast stock of roses and conifer trees, every type imaginable.


Of special note was the large range of fruit trees. The common varieties were all stocked and there was a good range of the older, not so common trees. Excellent!

The whole of the outside area was well-signposted, it's needed in an area this large. The hardy shrubs have a two year guarantee, a sign of confidence in the quality of the plants. Even in the depth of winter there was a manned help desk at the entrance to the outside area. The individual signs on the plants were excellent, descriptive and informative.
Overall, the plant area is outstanding.

The prices at Podington Garden Centre were about average as can be seen by the shopping basket below. The apple trees were particularly well-priced.

Rose, 3 litre pot �6.49 upwards

Common shrub (e.g. hebe) �5.99 upwards

Clematis �7.99 upwards

Economy spade (Yeoman) �13.99

Quality fork (Bentley) �23.99

Multipurpose compost (Podington's) 60 litre �3.99

Tomorite (1 litre) �3.89

Phostrogen (soluble, 1kg) �3.49

Large cup of coffee �1.75