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Riverside Garden Centre, Bristol

Riverside Garden Centre,

Entrance to Riverside Garden Centre Bristol
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This garden centre is nearly unique being run as a co-operative. All the profits are ploughed back into the business to make it better for you.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Riverside Garden Centre in Bristol.

The Riverside Garden Centre in Bristol was set up in 1987 as a co-operative garden centre. It is jointly run by the staff. As far as we are aware there is only one other garden centre in the UK run on this basis.

The garden centre is run in a very professional manner and it has the full commitment of the staff who ensure the plants are first class and the environment is clean and tidy. This is the only garden centre in the centre of Bristol.


Riverside is a medium sized garden centre with the outdoor plant area pleasantly designed with wide aisles.

At the far end of the plant area is a large awning which provides shade for some of the plants in the summer.

The larger signs are acceptable for finding your way round the plant area and the plants are often grouped by their best position in the garden (shade, large, small, deciduous etc).

The smaller signs for individual plants are very helpful with lots of information. Click the left hand picture to see clearly an example.

The range of plants is good for a garden centre of this size. All the plants looked exceptionally well kept and in very good condition.

Most of the everyday plants were available plus a few specialist areas such as a the wide range of acers shown in the picture on the right. Dotted around were a few more unusual plants such as large Ginger Lilies at �16.99

There was no hardy plant guarantee displayed which was a bit disappointing.


The prices were average with the exception of the fruit trees which were well above average.

Looking at the trees though (and after making enquiries), these were 3 year old trees not the normal two year old trees which makes the price about right.

Rose, 3 litre pot �7.99 upwards

Common shrub (e.g. potentilla) �6.99

Clematis �7.99 upwards

Potted fruit tree (various rootstocks) �27.99

Growmore, branded, 2.5kg �3.99

Growmore, branded, 1.5kg �2.60

Miracle Gro, soluble plant food, 1kg �4.99

Evergreen Complete Lawn, 100 sq m �10.99