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Sanders Garden World Cafe

Sanders Garden World Cafe

Pet Centre
The Pet Centre stocked a range of small animals including birds, guinea pigs ad hamsters. They were all healthy and kept in clean conditions.

Snakes at this garden centre

There were also a surprisingly large number of snakes for those so inclined! See the picture on the left of the interesting red snake. Tortoises were also on offer.

Aquarium Centre
There were lots of tropical fish on offer, well displayed and healthy looking.

In addition there were a couple of tanks with salt water creatures in them. Starfish, fish and some very weird creatures with just on bulging eye. The standard range of feeds and specialist equipment was available and keenly priced.

Fish at this Burnham on Sea garden centre

Restaurant / Cafe Facilities

Lemon Grove cafe at Sanders garden centre We enjoyed our meal at the Lemon Grove Cafe very much. It was clean and pleasantly laid out with a covered outdoor area as well.

Several hot specials were on offer at around �5.99. We sampled the ham and chicken pie pie which was tasty and large enough to feed two! Also available were filled, baked potatoes at �4.25, salads, snacks, tea and coffee. The cakes looked delicious.


The prices were average to good and the quality overall was good. Service was fast and pleasant with no queues at the self service areas or the tills. This was an achievement because we visited at the height of the season and the cafe was nearly full.

The cafe was well-designed, decorated imaginatively with large banana plants in the covered outdoor area. High chairs for toddlers were available.

In May 2007, the Lemon Grove Cafe was awarded the Somerset Hygiene Award. Click here or more details of this award.

House Plants
The house plant section was in the middle area of the indoor sales area and stocked a good range of healthy looking plants. They were particularly well laid-out. Prices were average

Disabled Facilities

Wheel chairs for the disabled at this garden centre Wheel chairs were available at the entrance for no cost. The aisles were wide enough for wheelchair access to all areas and the floor surface was flat all round with very few slopes.

Toilet facilities for the disabled are also present and kept in good condition.

Car Park
The car park was flat and well surfaced with lots of parking area. There was an overflow car park available for peak times.

Not very well signed, but we did find them without having to ask directions! They were clan and well maintained. There were toilets for the disabled.

Surrounding Area Attractions
If you want to know what else is on in the area around Sanders Garden World garden centre then click here for events and attractions in the Somerset area. For events specific to Burnham-on-Sea, then click here or here.

Directions and Contact
The address is:
Sanders GardenWorld Ltd
Bristol Road, Brent Knoll, Nr. Highbridge,
Somerset TA9 4HJ

Tel: 01278 761111  Fax: 01278 761110


Sanders Garden Worls garden centre, Burnham on Sea A very pleasing garden centre with an attractively laid out interior. Sanders Garden World has no major drawbacks but several good points.

These included the large children's play area, the good quality cafe and the extensive range of plants especially the roses and fruit trees.

We can thoroughly recommend this garden centre and if you are around junction 22 of the M5 feeling a bit peckish, we recommend you take a 5 minute diversion to their cafe.

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