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Stratford Garden Centre
Christmas Shopping

Christmas at Stratford Garden Centre
The Stratford Garden Centre is bang up to date and very modern. Lots of car park spaces to cope with the Christmas rush. The interior is very spacious and should cope well with crowds at peak times

Christmas Trees

Christmas tress at Stratford Garden Centre

There were lots of real Christmas tree on offer both cut and potted, The range was commendable. And rather than just name them as "Christmas trees" the specific variety was clearly noted. See the picture on the left (click to enlarge it).
The trees looked in great condition and the prices were average to good. Inside there was a large selection of synthetic trees.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Someone has clearly gone to a great effort to design the Christmas displays at Stratford garden centre. Very season, and very attractive. Top marks.

The displays were arranged in variety of themed rooms The area on the left (click to enlarge it) was elegantly stacked with Christmas toys to make a very appealing display.
This attention to detail was common throughout the Christmas displays and made shopping relaxing and a pleasant experience.

Father Christmas For Kids

Santa's grotto is open on Saturday and Sunday in December plus Thursday late afternoon. the number to phone to confirm opening times is 01789 205745. But this is where the garden centre is not spreading seasonal good will!. The cost per child is a whacking �6.50 plus an additional �1 per adult! We saw the notice showing the prices (see left) but couldn't believe the adult charge. So we rang up to confirm and yes, they confirmed that all adults had to pay �1 to accompany their children. Is that mean or what!

Christmas Spirit and Feel

As far as the decor and atmosphere goes, the Stratford garden centre gets full marks from us. Lots of seasonal displays which create very good Christmas spirit and feel.

See the price for Santa's Grotto though and all goodwill disappears as far as we are concerned. Mum. dad and 2 children will cost you �15 for a visit.

Christmas House Plants

The Christmas indoor plants were comparatively few at Stratford garden centre. A display of poinsettias and other seasonal indoor plants was unattractively arranged on a table.

However the prices were very competitive for what was there.

Christmas Prices

Overall, the best prices for Christmas shopping which we have reviewed.

Our Christmas price guide below uses a star system, the more stars the better the value.

One star shows prices give extremely bad value for money.

Five stars show prices give extremely good value for money.

Christmas trees

Christmas decorations / wrapping

A visit to Father Christmas

House Plants (but very limited range)


An excellent display of Christmas goods across the range. If you want Christmas trees, decorations or gifts then this a garden centre to visit. As far as Santa's grotto prices are concerned though, we were thoroughly disappointed.



OCT 08