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Cafe at Webbs Garden centre

Cafe at Webbs Garden centre

We were not impressed with the food at Webbs garden centre restaurant. We visited the cafe at peak time and queued approximately 15 minutes for a filled baked potato.

The queue for the main meal hot food (lasagne, breaded fish etc) was however much shorter.

The baked potato was smaller than normal and the filling was not a generous portion.

Restaurant / Cafe Facilities

Lasagne meal at this garden centre The lasagne was extremely dry and the sauce filling had congealed. The meat was dried to such an extent that we had to revisit the counter to check that it was not vegetarian soya meat.

Because the lasagne was poor we had a portion of the breaded fish which was only marginally better.

To make matters worse, this was the most expensive garden centre restaurant we have visited so far. The hot meals were priced around �8.50, salads were �7.50 to �8.50, filled baked potatoes started at �4.99 and rolls and sandwiches ranged �5 to �8.

Filled baked potato at this garden centre

The restaurant itself was extremely large with several separate areas. We liked the coffee and tea area which had very comfortable large sofas and chairs. Because of the prices and the quality of the food which we sampled, we would only recommend this restaurant for coffee, tea and soft drinks. The coffee and tea was good and the prices reasonable.

Pets Centre
The pets centre at Webbs is not as well-stocked as most large garden centres.

The is a reasonable range of pet accessories. However the range of pets is restricted. The pets were in larger enclosures than we have seen in most garden centres and they all looked healthy and well fed.

Aquatics Centre at Webbs Garden Centre
The aquatics centre was far more impressive compared to the pets centre. It was well laid out with larger than normal aisles - wheelchair access was better than most.

Aquatics Centre at Webbs garden centre There was a large range of tropical fish and some cold water and marine fish. The range of accessories, especially tanks was good.

What really stood out were the staff. They were well-informed and actively helping people to select the correct fish and accessories.

Disabled Facilities


Picture of the lift Webbs of Wychbold is the best garden centre we have across for disabled access. There are free wheelchairs at the entrance and all the aisles are uncluttered and very wide.

The floors are flat. Some areas have stairs but a lift is there for the disabled (see the picture on the left)

The disabled toilets are very well equipped.

The toilets are very clean modern. There are also mother and toddler facilities. There were no queues and from the number of toilets available we doubt there ever would be!

Other Facilities

Delivery charges Previous reviews have never taken into account the availability and price of delivery services at the garden centres we have reviewed. Possibly because not many offer this service.

Well, Webbs of Wychbold do offer this service, but it doesn't come cheap unless your order is over �200 when delivery is free. Click on the picture to the left to see the cost of delivery

Webbs have lots of retail type outlets at their garden centre in Worcestershire making it a good place to look for gifts.

Unusual was the Hobby Craft shop which sold art materials, bridal goods, craft tools and materials, models, needlecraft and more

Hobby Craft in this garden centre

Christmas at Webbs Garden Centre

Entrance to Christmas display at Webbs Garden Centre You just know the Christmas display at Webb's Garden Centre is going to be good the moment you enter the car park. Firstly the car park is nearly full and this is a huge car park! Secondly, the outside of the building is a blaze of lights. You'll also get a glimpse of the show gardens to the right of the main building and that's because they are lit up as well.

Venture into the garden centre itself and enter the Christmas display area and you'll be amazed! A sizeable part of the interior of the garden centre has been devoted to Christmas displays, decorations trees and gifts.

We were particularly impressed with their centre piece displays, see the one on the right.

For the kids there is a visit to Santa with a present. This is combined with a 3D movie all for �6 which we reckon is excellent value.

Outdoor christmas decorations

The Christmas decorations aren't just restricted to the indoor area at Webbs garden centre. Their excellent show gardens are lit up in spectacular fashion.

Come dressed up warmly because a visit to the gardens is highly recommended. The kids especially will love it.

Directions and Contact
The address is:
Webbs of Wychbold,
Droitwich Spa,

Tel: 01566 773147
Click here for a map showing the location of Webbs garden centre

Webbs are one of the largest garden centres in the UK and certainly have put Wychbold on the map. There is a huge range of plants and garden accessories, a wide range of other shops and it's all laid out very well. Combine this with staff who are plentiful, courteous and knowledgeable and you have a good combination

The downside is that it's rather expensive for many plants and items and we  were very disappointed by the standard of food in the cafe and the high prices. Our advice would be to give them a visit some time, keep a close watch on the price of anything you want to buy and only call into the cafe for tea and biscuits.

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