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Wyevale Garden Centre, Bristol

Wyevale Garden Centre, Bristol

Entrance to Wyevale Garden Centre in Bristol
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The entrance to the Wyevale Garden Centre in Bristol. One of the larger garden centres in Bristol, we review the plants, cafe, accessories, disabled access and lots more.

This is a totally independent GardenAction opinion of the Wyevale Garden Centre in Bristol. Note that this garden centre has been renamed the Keynsham Garden Centre and Wyevale have changed their name to The Garden Centre Group

Wyevale's in Bristol offers a broad range of all you would expect from a garden centre but it excels in none. It is a medium-sized garden centre situated in Keynsham on the outskirts of Bristol.


Outdoor plant area Similar in layout to other Wyevale garden centres the outdoor plant area had wide aisles. It had an air of slight neglect when we visited.

The floors had leaves on them and grass beginning to grow around the edges of the paving slabs.

Many of the plants looked in good health and were well-watered (see paragraph below though). All hardy plants came with a reassuring 5 year guarantee.

The range of plants offered was good for the time of year although this garden centre specialised in no particular area.

Plant goupings

Weedy plants It was windy on the day we visited and most of the taller plants were blown over. This was not the case at other garden centres we visited that day.

Some plants for sale in the outdoor area were barely more than weeds, click the picture to enlarge it. We were particularly surprised at this, unusual for a Wyevale garden centre.

There were lots of helpful staff around but help desk or information centre in this garden centre.

The price of plants and accessories were average for a garden centre of this type with no real surprises.

Rose, 3 litre pot �5.99 to �8.99

Common shrub (e.g. potentilla) �6.99

Clematis �6.99

Potted fruit tree (various rootstocks) not available

Growmore, branded, 3.5kg �4.99

Growmore, branded, 1.5kg �2.99

Miracle Gro, soluble plant food, 1kg �2.99

Evergreen Complete Lawn, 3.5kg �7.99