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GARDENACTION TOP JOB (bird wildlife in your garden)


(bird wildlife in your garden)

Bird Wildlife in the Garden
Wildlife, principally birds, is more varied in December and January than in many other months. The shortage of natural foods forces them to go further afield. Once they discover food in your garden, they are likely to return on a daily basis. Try and keep the supply regular, because birds will come to rely on it.

Bird Types
The main types of birds to be seen include blue tits, great tits, thrushes, blackbirds, wood pigeons and sparrows. 

Feeding Birds
Bird food can be bought at your garden centre or do-it-yourself store - they are cheap and last a long time. Alternatively, food scraps which are high in carbohydrate will give them a varied diet. Avoid any salty food (for example bacon) which will damage many birds. Nuts, bread, coconut and vegetables are all ideal.  Click here for a full list of which birds prefer which food.

Place the food on a bird table (see January mini-project 1 for a simple example) or suspended from a tree or shrub. Make sure the local cat cannot reach it in a hurry!

Water For Birds
Birds also need water, and freezing temperatures in January make it difficult for them to find natural supplies. Place an old saucer or bowl where it is naturally warmer than normal (near the walls of the house is ideal) and the water will be less likely to freeze over. Once again though, beware the local cat.