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Greenhouse Temperatures

All advice on growing vegetables needs to be preceded by a warning. The shape, site and heating capabilities strongly affect when plants can be grown in a greenhouse and how quickly they will grow.
A well-sited greenhouse, with an effective shape and access to controllable heating will support a wide range of plants and planting times. This is in contrast to a poorly sited greenhouse with no heating which will have a more restricted range of plants and planting times. You will need to make timing adjustments to the advice given in the pages below to allow for your situation.



All the articles in this greenhouse series assume the greenhouse is reasonably well sited with full light for most of the day. It also assumes that the greenhouse type is cool which means heating may be required in winter and spring months but only to avoid frost. See our main article on heating your greenhouse. A cheap paraffin heater is another option to keep frost at bay if you do not have access to an electricity source.

Warmer greenhouses allow earlier planting and sowing times, roughly one month earlier. An unheated greenhouse will mean later planting times, roughly one month later.

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