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Desert Apple

Sunset was introduced in 1918 from the Kent area in England. One of the parents is Cox's Orange Pippin, the other is now unknown.

A good tasting apple, Sunset is similar to a Cox although it is slightly more acidic. Leave it on the tree till it is absolutely ripe and even that acid turns sweet. The skin is a typical English orange- yellow flushed with lots of attractive red streaks.

The apples are slightly smaller than average, a great size for kids to have a quick snack. Sunset will keep for about six weeks if stored in good condition. Much longer than that and the flesh starts to loose its crispness.

Its a self fertile variety although it will crop better if near to other apple trees.  Sunset has good disease resistance, especially to scab and can be relied on to produce a crop each year. It was awarded the RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit).

Picture of apple variety Sunset

If you want to buy the Sunset apple tree online then click here for our recommended supplier. The trees are supplied on MM106 rootstock which produces a tree in height range 2m to 4m (6ft to 15ft) depending on how it is pruned.


Taste Juicy, slightly on the acid side

Skin Texture Medium

Flesh White and very crisp

Apple size Slightly smaller than normal


Flowers Middle season

Pollination Group 3

Vigour Medium

Crop Yield Medium

Eating time October to December

Tree Shape Upright