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The Eden Project

The Eden Project

The Eden Project view

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The biomes at the Eden Project. One of over 100 pictures all of which can be enlarged by clicking on them.

This Eden Project guide has over 100 pictures and lots of hints, tips and useful advice to make most of your day out. The Eden Project is one of the top ten paying tourist attractions in the UK so GardenAction simply had to visit and give our own independent view. Click on any link below (or on the right hand) to go to a specific section or simply click 'NEXT PAGE' at the bottom of each page to go through the pages in sequence. All the pages are fully illustrated with pictures which can be enlarged by double-clicking your mouse when on the picture.

About the Eden Project

How to Get There

Opening Times and Prices

When to Visit the Eden Project

Sitemap of Eden Project

Visitors Hints and Tips

Humid Tropics Biome

Warm Temperate Biome

Outdoors Biome

The Making of the Biomes

The Core

Amazing Facts and Figures

Cafes and Restaurants at the Eden Project

Events at Eden Project